Denver Construction Defect Litigation Lawyer

For home and business owners, construction defects are devastating, both financially and emotionally.

For contractors, their reputations could be damaged beyond repair, preventing them from finding gainful employment.

Seeking construction-defect litigation may be necessary to resolve such a dispute.

What Are Construction Defects?

In general, two types of construction defects exist:

  • Patent defects: defects that are obvious or visible to the naked eye
  • Latent defects: defects that are not readily obvious

Defects can range from structural issues, such as foundation problems, to more straightforward issues like wrong paint color or poor crown molding. 

CDARA and Construction Defect Claims in Colorado

CDARA, the Construction Defect, Action, and Reform Act governs every construction defect claim in Colorado.

CDARA defines the procedures that you need to follow to seek a claim before you take your concern to the courtroom. If you do not comply with the requirements laid out by CDARA, your case will not be heard in court.

How Does This Affect Single Homeowners?

Most people don’t realize that you don’t need to be the original buyer of your home to seek recourse against a developer if construction defects appear. You can also seek recourse from anyone else involved in the poor construction of your home, from the suppliers to the contractors.

Let us help you get your construction defects permanently repaired, so you don’t have to repeat this process two to three years down the road. We’ll help you find qualified professionals to assess the problems, look for repair solutions, and provide you with realistic estimates.

These cases do take time, and we help homeowners handle emergency repairs until we resolve the situation.

How Does This Affect Multi-Family Homeowners?

Homeowners’ associations want to limit the repairs they have to make as much as possible. When residents acquire control of the board, they are the ones who have to handle the repairs and the bills.

We can connect homeowners’ associations with construction professionals who will evaluate problems and make repairs.

Before we go to litigation, we work with our clients to resolve problems with developers and builders. Negotiating outside of a courtroom is a much more cost-effective method to resolve construction defect issues.

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