Benefits of Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney Denver

A person facing debt related problems in some instances reaches a point where his or her financial situation seems absolutely overwhelming. When a person reaches that juncture, serious consideration must be given to retaining the services of an experienced, tenacious experienced bankruptcy attorney Denver.

The Benefits of an Initial Consultation

A bankruptcy attorney is available to schedule a no-obligation, no-cost initial consultation. Through this meeting, a bankruptcy lawyer reviews the state of a person’s debt issues. During a consultation, a lawyer lays out different strategic options for a consumer.

Bankruptcy Options for a Consumer

A consumer seeking assistance from a bankruptcy attorney in Denver is able to consider one of two different alternatives when it comes to this type of legal action. First, a consumer is able to pursue a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a consumer is able to obtain what is called a discharge of most, if not all, of his or her debts.

Second, a consumer has the option of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, an individual is able to develop what essentially constitutes a repayment plan. A consumer’s debts are repaid over a set period of time with the supervision of the bankruptcy court.