Board of Zoning Hearings and Appeals

Are you currently locked in a dispute with the Denver Board of Zoning Hearing and Appeals? The disagreement may be due to any number of causes. The purpose of the Zoning Board is to determine how real estate is used. It decides issues concerning where and how certain areas as zoned as commercial or residential. It also decides how big of a space you can buy or rent and what uses you can put it to.

You may currently be in a dispute with the Board over an unplanned change to your development. This change may have suddenly become necessary from your perspective. It may be due to a sudden cut in your budget or from a need to change the original design of your development. 

However, you now have the task of convincing the Board. They may be fighting you over this change or they may be disputing other issues. For example, they may claim that the change in your construction indicates a new use of the area that was not listed in the original agreement that they signed with you. 

How Can a Zoning Board Lawyer Help You? 

If you find that you cannot convince the Board to see things your way, you may be forced to take them to court. If this occurs, you’re going to need a well qualified and experienced Zoning Board Lawyer in Denver. Your lawyer knows how to deal with the Board in order to bring them to the negotiating table. It may be possible to arrange for a last minute settlement that will satisfy all parties involved. 

When all else fails and you are forced to go ahead with a court case, your Denver Zoning Board lawyer will be there at your side. They will help you to make your case as strongly and convincingly as possible. They will supply all of the necessary facts, documentation, and eyewitnesses to back you up. 

If you are ready to settle your Zoning Board Hearings and Appeals dispute, call us today. We have the skills and experience to get you the fair settlement you’re looking for.