Bankruptcy Attorney Denver

People in financial trouble often wonder if bankruptcy is the best plan for them. The decisions required related to filing for bankruptcy can be complex and anybody considering it should first seek the advice of a qualified bankruptcy attorney. 

Consumers may typically choose from two types of bankruptcy. Chapter 13 is a repayment plan for those with high debt but steady income. Chapter 7 is a liquidation, where the debtor gives up most of what they own to creditors in exchange for forgiveness of their remaining debt. The “Chapters” come from the sections of the tax code where each is defined. In either case, a successful bankruptcy wipes out most debts and leaves the filer with something left to continue their lives.

Bankruptcy is not for everybody. It is not intended as a simple way out for irresponsible people or those likely to jump right back into debt. The consequences include a reduced credit score and a lower standard of living. However, these are often preferable to a lifetime of financial prison in the form of bill collectors, garnishments and other personal and financial restrictions. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer Denver has counted on for many years can answer questions and help each client determine their best option.

Avoid Foreclosure With a Bankruptcy Attorney in Denver 

If you are facing foreclosure, you are probably thinking that you might lose everything for which you have worked. However, you can take several steps to stop the process immediately. Even if you are in the late stages of foreclosure, you can get the help you need by reaching out to the right firm. Contacting a bankruptcy attorney in Denver is your best bet. You would be surprised what an aggressive foreclosure and bankruptcy specialist like Rolf J. von Merveldt, III

can do for you. Do not allow the bank to take your home. Contact a bankruptcy specialist today.

Foreclosure Avoidance Tactics

A bankruptcy attorney in Denver like Rolf J. von Merveldt, III can use several tactics to help you avoid foreclosure on your home. As an attorney, he has the prowess to speak with the bank’s legal department and convince them to give you a deferment or forbearance. A bankruptcy lawyer in Denver can also analyze your mortgage agreement and search for illegal activity on the bank’s behalf. Some homeowners were illegally awarded mortgages they could not afford. An attorney can help you if you were a victim of such mortgage fraud, though a little more rare now after the 2008 housing crisis changed rules.

If your bankruptcy attorney cannot use a common foreclosure avoidance tactic, he can still use bankruptcy to get you out of trouble. You can file for bankruptcy and still keep your house if you contact a savvy firm that will fight for your rights. Make the phone call today and watch the sun shine on your future.
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