Contract & Tort Claims

Challenging A Contract In Court

Imagine waking up one morning and realizing that someone is violating a contract that you have with them. The feeling is dreadful and can make a person want to scream. The injustice of it all is something worth battling. Thankfully, lawyers exist who can fight contract and tort claims for you.

Contracts exist for all kinds of purposes. They can be written up for anything from marriage and business contracts to leasing contracts on a property. Almost anything you can think of can have a legal document created which, in most cases, can be binding. When one or both parties violate the stipulations of the contract, such a contract can become null and void in the eyes of the court.

For example, a scenario may exist where a leasing contract is drawn up that specifically prohibits animals of any kind living in the premises for any period of time. A renter may agree to these terms and sign the contract, only to violate it by bringing a family pet into the dwelling. In this scenario, the landlord and the renter can usually work something out without having to go into court, but sometimes that is not the case.

Although it might sound extreme to get a lawyer involved in the event of a contract violation, that is simply not the case. People do it all the time in order to ensure that their rights under the contract are protected. They need to ensure that they do not allow even one thing to slide or else the other party in the contract may decide that they can get away with violating other parts of the contract as well.

No one is served well when a contract is violated. When the circumstances make it clear that the contract is not being honored, it may be time to bring in legal council that can help. Consider the upside of legal council in your particular case and then get in touch with us today.