Commercial Transactions

Are you in the process of concluding your first commercial transaction with a new partner? If so, you will need the help of a qualified commercial transactions lawyer in Denver. We can help you draw up your agreement so that it will cover all of the issues you require without leaving any loopholes that could cause trouble for you later.

If you are in a serious dispute with a partner or other entity over the nature of your commercial agreement, we can render you valuable assistance. We will give you the benefit of our many years of experience in commercial transaction law. This could be the difference between successfully resolving a dispute or having to go to court in order to win your case.

How Can a Denver Commercial Transactions Lawyer Help You? 

We can provide you with a highly experienced and qualified Denver commercial transactions lawyer who can help you in many areas. Some of these may include: 

  • Standard contract terms and conditions
  • Bailment and warehousing agreements
  • Long-and-short-term procurement agreements
  • Contracts for the sale of critical goods and services
  • Contracts with insolvent and bankrupt customers + suppliers
  • Joint ventures and teaming agreements
  • Research and development agreements
  • Shipping, logistics, and distributorship agreements
  • Tooling and specialty equipment agreements
  • Outsourcing agreements

If you do have to go to court, we will represent you in order to get you the fair settlement you deserve. We also have years of experience in negotiating settlements without having to go this route. 

Contact Us Today for the Latest Info 

If you want to draw up the perfect commercial transaction agreement or resolve a long standing dispute, come talk to us today. We will be happy to answer your questions or respond to any comments or concerns that you may have. If you want to avoid having to go to court, now is the perfect time to see if we can arrange a settlement that will resolve the issue. Contact us for details.