Appeals Page for Denver Real Estate Attorney

Why You Need A Denver Real Estate Appeals Attorney

When Denver real estate issues require litigation and the outcome of the case is unfair, an appeal may be the right choice. In real estate, these are a few examples of issues that may lead to litigation and a subsequent appeal: 

  • Foreclosures
  • Lease disputes
  • Contract breaches
  • Performance breaches
  • Condo disputes
  • Fiduciary breaches
  • Land disputes

Why You Need a Real Estate Appeals Attorney

Adverse decisions in real estate disputes can negatively impact you; you need someone who has experience with civil appeals on your side. Real estate appeals attorneys often help home buyers, landlords, and other clients reach favorable decisions by finding legal errors or serious problems with the original case. In most instances, the decision of the appellate judges is final. This is why it is critical to have an experienced appeals attorney handle your case.

How Real Estate Appeals Work

The process for an appeal is different from a trial. If there was a legal error during the proceedings in your real estate case, you have the right to file an appeal in a higher court. These are some common reasons why people file appeals: 

  • Use of inadmissible evidence
  • A judge’s jury instruction mistakes
  • A lack of supporting evidence

The appeals process is different from a regular trial and starts when your attorney files a claim with the reason for your appeal. The winning party’s attorney files a response that explains why they agreed with the original decision. After this, the evidence and arguments of the original case are analyzed.

If any original factual findings are deemed erroneous, the original case verdict may be overturned. A panel of appellate judges will review the briefs and may schedule oral arguments from each side. The judges consider the briefs, oral statements and case details carefully before they reach a decision. 

There is a time limit for filing an appeal after an original verdict in Denver. If your recent real estate case included legal errors and you want a chance for a better outcome, please contact us for a case evaluation. We help you maximize your chance of winning the appeal and keep you informed about all developments as the case progresses.