Landlord/Tenant Disputes

There is a wide range of issues that can arise when renting, resulting in a dispute between landlords and their tenants. Relationships between tenants and landlords are commonly controlled by a lease, but disputes can also occur when individuals are renting by personal agreement as well.

General rental laws apply in both applications, and landlords do not always hold the upper hand- especially when tenants are injured as a result of the landlord’s failure to provide regular repairs and maintain a safe structural environment. While certain responsibilities are assigned to tenants regarding maintaining a clean living space, landlords are also responsible for property maintenance and providing reasonable utility access.

Legal disputes can also arise in commercial lease situations, which are much more common than many tenants realize. Having solid legal representation can be vital to your business in some disagreement situations.


Rental relationships regarding housing are usually specified in a rental contract. The contract will typically state the terms of rent payments and deposits, along with potential liability exemptions for the landlord.

Deposits can be problematic in many cases because landlords often want a full additional month’s rent in advance, and they also have the power to refuse release of the deposit when a tenant leaves the premises based on unreasonable assertions.

Rental scenarios where there is no lease but a deposit has been paid can be even more difficult. It is important to remember that tenants also have legal rights, but many times it takes legal representation to enforce those rights.


Problems that occur in commercial leasing can be much different from residential. Businesses that rent a particular location for their business are not always totally liable when certain situations happen, such as being sued for a personal injury, and landlords typically attempt to deflect any liability away from themselves.

In addition, business inventory can be damaged or operations interrupted when landlords fail to make necessary repairs to a leased property, both of which can require the assistance of professional legal counsel to settle the dispute. 

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