Construction-Defect Related Actions

Are you currently facing the prospect of being sued for alleged construction defects? Or are you thinking of bringing a suit to court against someone whom you allege provided shoddy work? If so, you will need to hire a Denver construction defects attorney to represent you.

Why Do You Need a Construction Defect Attorney? 

A construction defect attorney specializes in cases where it is alleged that negligence or poor workmanship was the cause of defects in a building. There may be any number of causes, such as poor planning, use of second rate materials, faulty analysis of the ground where the building was erected, and others.

Such defects, once discovered, can be the basis of a lawsuit. There are many factors that can be cited, from breach of contract to criminal negligence. A construction defect in Denver can represent your case whether you are the plaintiff or the accused party. This is your best bet to get a settlement that is favorable to your side. 

Don’t Make the Mistake of Representing Your Own Case 

The worst mistake in a case like this is to try to represent yourself. You can be sure that your opponent will have hired a fully qualified and experienced lawyer to represent them. This lawyer will be an expert at getting people to accidentally contradict their own testimony or even to incriminate themselves.

Instead of falling victim to such a ploy, you can hire our firm to handle all of the talking for you. We will do everything in our power to make sure that your case is resolved in a successful fashion. 

Get in Touch With Us Today for Top Level Legal Defense 

If you want to avoid a long and costly lawsuit, get in touch with us today. We can represent your case in court in order to get you the verdict that either exonerates you from wrongdoing or places the blame squarely on the negligent party.

Call us today for an initial consultation. We will be glad to give you the details on what we can do on your behalf.